About us “Hope through Action” is the motto of the Deutsche Umweltstiftung which was founded in 1982 in Mainz and has its headquarter at Berlin, Germany.

It is state-approved and recognised as a non-profit organisation and is politically and economically independent. The foundation members’ work is purely voluntary.

It is only through reassessing the way we think, becoming environmentally aware and acting upon this that we will be able to protect and preserve the natural basis of life of humans, animals and plants, and to give our children and grandchildren hope for the future.

Our goals are:

  • Environmental education, training, instruction and information
  • Consumer information and consumer protection
  • Acknowledgement and support of outstanding commitment in the area of nature conservation and environmental protection by offering cash prizes, such as the book award “Reading for the Environment”, the journalist award and the hope award
  • Promotion of activities in the area of nature conservation and environmental protection by individuals and associations, societies, institutes, companies, civic action groups and research organisations who/which support the improvement of environmental conditions and environmental law through scientific, journalistic, literary, artistic or other practical activities as well as analyses and studies, and who/which support the safeguarding, maintaining and protecting the basis of life of nature and countryside, ecological resources and biotopes (§2 of the foundation statutes)
  • Purchase and tending of property to strengthen the protection of nature and countryside
  • Participation in environmental discussions, licence procedures and law initiatives

The Deutsche Umweltstiftung has always endeavoured to act in this spirit to give hope; the foundation has helped promote many suggestions, ideas, incentives and initiatives since it was launched in 1982.

Please support the Deutsche Umweltstiftung by your donation or endowment!

Our key activities:

The Deutsche Umweltstiftung commits itself to ecologically oriented education and information. It supports

  • the dialogue between scientists and other professionals who are involved in preventative environmental research and the dissemination of holistic thinking
  • local and regional environmental initiatives founded on great personal commitment
  • objective environmental information in the media
  • the development of an environmental orientation on the book market by awarding the annual book prize “Reading for the Environment”
  • the promotion of publications aimed at disseminating environmental information and conducting public relations work

What can we do for our environment?

We do not always have to call the state to account to do something for nature and the environment!

If a well-functioning democracy is to thrive, private and voluntary action and official political activity need to complement each other. This does not, of course, mean that voluntary work releases politics from its responsibility. On the contrary! Politicians are expected to act as role models to motivate people to take part in honorary commitment. This is one of the reasons why the Deutsche Umweltstiftung was founded. The basic assets were contributed by more than 450 donors – people who are committed to ecological beliefs and action and who wanted to lay the foundations for politically and economically independent environmental work.

Much has been talked about environmental protection in the last few decades; however, more animals and plants are being wiped out now than ever before and the exploitation of our natural resources remains undiminished. It is a challenge for every one of us to counteract this development.

How is our work financed?

The Deutsche Umweltstiftung finances its work by

  • income from the foundation’s assets
  • one-off and regular donations
  • endowments
  • occasional income from redistribution of regulatory fines

The larger the number of people who, through their donations and contributions, support the Deutsche Umweltstiftung in its work, the better the results will be. No contribution is too large and all contributions, however small, are important and welcome. Those who wish to receive any additional information during the year and invitations to public events and conferences are kindly requested to transfer a one-off contribution or donation of at least €50.00 (individuals) or €150.00 (legal entities) to the Deutsche Umweltstiftung.

Please note that, following amendments to the tax regulations, payments made to foundations are subject to special tax privileges. Donations are tax-deductible. Donation receipts for your tax return are sent within a few weeks of payment.

Please support our foundation for the benefit of the general public and to make our environment worth living in.